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The end of the long walk. R.I.P Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

As many of you may have heard by now, and for those of you that haven’t, Nelson Mandela was pronounced dead at 9:00 PM last night – the 5th December 2013. For the first, and probably last time, I actually agree with the words of president Jacob Zuma.

Our Nation has indeed lost its greatest son.

The news, which was not completely unexpected, developed so suddenly that, in the end, it actually did take us by surprise. Madiba has, over the last year, been repeatedly institutionalised for a recurring lung infection. It was so severe that South Africans prepared for his death in July this year. At the time he recovered and for months we South Africans have dared to hope that the great statesman would continue to improve. Whilst probably not being a picture of health, or be ready for political office again, we hoped that Madiba would at least see and bid welcome to another new age with the upcoming 2014 elections.

Throughout his life he taught lessons of equality and freedom, not only as a scholar, but through his actions which spoke truly to the hearts of millions. Even though he spent 27 years in prison, Madiba rose from the ashes of his former self with the same beliefs and kept on his goal of freeing this country from oppression. Nelson Mandela taught us that perseverance and determination will eventually bring change and that by reaching out for people’s hearts you can change their minds. The Nobel Peace Prize winner will be well remembered the world over for his good grace and humility. Possibly also for dancing in the Queens Box at the Royal Albert Hall!

The Madiba Jive

The Madiba Jive

To his critics – Nelson Mandela was not a saint. On this continent that is heralded for its violence, it is no surprise that even our best have stains on their character.  Nelson Mandela was simply a good man who did not fail to act and in so doing became great. He fought evil and prejudice at every opportunity. Nelson Mandela brought South Africa out of Apartheid control, and he did it in the most life-preserving way possible.

The '95 Rugby World Cup

The ’95 Rugby World Cup

It is to the people of South Africa that you must now focus your attention. The death of someone like Mandela, who represented the best of what this country once stood for, means the loss of hope for many. With half the country under the poverty line and the crime rate going through the roof, people are losing hope daily. Indeed many don’t even know what to believe in anymore. The ANC that Madiba has left behind, is maliciously corrupt and wasting billions of rands… But that is a story for another day.

Today, appreciate the great man for who he was and the difference that he made to millions of lives. Tomorrow we need to look to build the future that Madiba envisioned. A true rainbow nation that would allow Tata Madiba to truly rest in peace.

Madiba in the Green and  Gold

Madiba in the Green and Gold

Rest in Peace, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. (18 July  1918 – 5 December 2013)

Madiba’s funeral is set to take place next weekend.




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