What are you doing in that chair? It’s time for the Government to answer to the people.

So initially I was planning to post this as a Facebook status update. But my blog felt more appropriate. For the record, I am speaking about the South African Government, the ANC. But I believe the same principles apply no matter where you are. Unless you live in a country with a tyrannical dictator – then I’m afraid you’re shit out of luck. Well at least in so far as my post in concerned.

Today I’m having a go at the idea of a government. They are meant to be individuals elected to represent the populous. A group of leaders, in single body, that make decisions for the best possible growth of a country (or a state but in this case I really want to talk about countries). In the world that we live in today there are over 7 billion people who need to share the same air and land and food with us. I truly believe that, without governments and societies of law and order, the world would fall into chaos.

The problem is, we don’t have any proper leadership left. To me, it seems like everyone who goes into government is only out for themselves in the political minefield. The inevitable truth is that no one leader is going to appeal to everybody. Even dictators like Robert Mugabe were once considered the salvation of their people. Obviously this is not the case with all dictators. But Robert Mugabe, at the time of the Zimbabwean Independence, was democratically elected as the first real president (technically prime minister at first, later reformed to a presidency) of Zimbabwe. What he has done since his inauguration is another story altogether. Click here for an abbreviated history of Robert Mugabe at cnn.com.

But I digress, leaders are never going to be deemed perfect by any standard. There will always be a difference of opinion. A difference in thought patterns, or persuasions, or race. Any number of things could result in a leader not being influential over any number of people. Perhaps I have an inner optimist, but I think people should be able to find a consensus on what is both good and bad for a country. Sometimes the lines are far more blurred. With America for instance, with such differing viewpoints between the presidential candidates, there is no line of best growth in the middle. On the one hand President Obama has incurred more debt than any other president in American History. But he is also setting the groundwork for what he believes will be a brighter future and has the potential to make it so. George W. Bush made, what I believe to be, some pretty big mistakes – waving at Stevie Wonder for instance. On the other hand, he had an extremely difficult presidency with the incidents of 09/11. In the end America came out alright, so perhaps Mr. Bush wasn’t too incompetent.

South Africa at the moment is preparing for a presidential election and I have to say, “I’m pretty damn excited.” I think that, this time, the ANC has messed up so badly that we actually have a chance for a fresh start. With the passing of the millennium, South Africa has been in constant decline. I think it’s time that the people decide, for themselves, the difference between good and bad.

In a previous post regarding Nelson Mandela and his legacy I discussed some of the major issues currently going on. Now we’re suffering through this ridiculous e-toll debacle. Basically the ANC and SANRAL have attempted to ‘slip in’ additional road taxes to anyone using main highways in Johannesburg. Amongst other things it will result in millions of rands being sent out of the country, to Kapsch a technology company based in Austria. This is at a time when our economy is so weak that we may as well become another Zimbabwe. Honestly the potential harm is limitless, and with the current state of monetary control in this country I have absolutely no trouble believing those funds will end up in ANC officials pockets. Especially given the espionage-esque manner this was introduced to the public. (If you’re interested, get more information at OUTA) If our ANC officials spent as much energy on fixing the country, as some of them expend to be corrupt, South African Rand would be back one a 1:1 exchange rate with the British Pound.

I think that the government and president of a country is responsible for answering to its people. Those that have elected them through due process. 

In China at the moment, a city of 11 million people has basically ground to a halt due to the highly hazardous smog that has engulfed the city. Even though they are an authoritarian regime, the Chinese government is inevitably responsible for the lives of its people. The promises that were made to address the issues of air pollution now need to be followed up on and the people helped through this difficult time.

The same is true of South Africa. It’s time now that the ANC answer for their crimes on the people of this country. The ANC has become a doppelgänger Apartheid. The racism from the old days still holds true as the entire country makes it more difficult for those of other races to survive. Okay, they don’t kill whites for walking in the wrong area and they don’t enforce something like the group areas act. At the end of the day the principle is the same, because some people are of a different race they should not be given jobs. And that’s what it bubbles down to. Without a job how can anyone survive?

As a matter of fact, in some respects, the ANC are probably even worse than Apartheid. The ANC has instilled incompetence and corruption as the staples of the South African government. The money that should be used to help the poor and develop industry, goes into mansions and endless ‘corporate’ expenses. The money that should be used to educate and uplift, is being used in tender fraud schemes.

I think it’s finally time for all South Africans to make a stand and prepare to vote in the next elections. Not only should we vote, but we should consider exactly what it will take to get this country back on the right track. We need to ask the question “What are you doing in that chair?”

Until the next time,




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