Dick the Dictator: The Morsi Situation

So as many of you should by now know Mohammed Morsi is now the former president, or perhaps former attempted dictator, of Egypt. Late yesterday the Egyptian military followed through on their promise to oust the “Dictator” Morsi should he not resign willingly by the 3rd July 2013. Say what you will about Robert Mugabe, or Kim Jong Un but at least those men know how to be real dictators. That being said this represents a massive victory and a step towards a fair and democratic Egypt. I think however that people need to understand, at least a condensed version of events, how Egypt arrived at the present situation.

Mohammed Morsi was elected as the 5th President of Egypt on the 30 June 2012. Morsi, a leading member in the Muslim Brotherhood based in Egypt and was formerly the Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), a role which he resigned on entering the presidency. Morsi, whilst no longer the chairman, continued to represent the FJP in his term as president. 

Throughout his term, Morsi continued to incite anger from the Egyptian peoples with a combination of his incompetence and dangerous decree making. Most notably, on the 22nd November 2012, Morsi drafted a decree which allowed him to create legislation without official judicial review. This unadulterated power, which Morsi claimed would “protect” the nation until the ratification of a new constitution, angered the Egyptian public to the point where hundreds of thousands of people protested in the streets. Whilst this protest was officially effective, and the fanatical decree was revoked, there were rumours that the power of the declaration still remained in effect.

Now I’m really not much of economist, so I’ll refrain from telling you this side of the story but Morsi did a lot of damage to the Egyptian economy, yet another of his critical mistakes. I ended up reading this article posted by Marketwatch and I found it to be quite informative: 


So really Morsi was destroyed by his own incompetence, should he have maintained his calm and carefully assessed his options there could potentially have been another dictatorship in the world, along with the likes of Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran, Cuba etc. In the meantime, Adly Mansour has been appointed, by General Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi, as the interim President of Egypt. Until such time as a fully democratic election can take place.

At the end of the day, may the Egyptians enjoy their victory because tomorrow they have a lot of work to do repairing the mess that was left by Mohammed Morsi. 





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